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Our Services

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ABA Services


All new families are provided an evidence-based assessment for their child. This will help guide programming to ensure goals are appropriate and will help with the bigger picture goals to gain independence for your child.

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Program Design

At Impact Behavior Therapy, our Program Design is individualized to meet families where they are comfortable. We use evidence-based assessments to create goals to measure your child's progress in meeting these goals. If the child is not meeting goals, we adjust our treatment approach to fulfill their learning needs and ensure progress is made.

Behavior Specialist
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Direct Therapy Services

Direct Therapy

We believe in play-based ABA, meaning ABA in a natural setting, following the child’s lead and making the therapy fun! We increase communication skills, social skills, self-help skills, play skills, and motor skills as well as decrease challenging behaviors and increase replacement behaviors. We build on each child’s interests and strengths using structured and natural opportunities to facilitate learning.

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Family Training

We believe the best family support plan is one that can quickly be followed and understood. We work with our families to set realistic goals that can help the entire family's quality of life. We also provide help with environmental strategies that can better help your child. For example adding visuals to the home, setting up your home to be the best environment for your child, and more. We provide hands-on, in-home parent training so we can show you, have you practice, and provide feedback so you have the confidence to continue after we are gone.

Family Training Services
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Teletherapy Services


Teletherapy services are offered for a variety of needs. Our teletherapy sessions are interactive, fun, and engaging for children and families. We use resources to teach social skills, parent training sessions, or skill-building through teletherapy sessions.

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Consultation services are offered in a variety of settings. In-home consultation for a particular difficult behavior (think potty training or bedtime) or in schools/daycares to offer strategies and suggestions to staff to better help your child. Impact Behavior Therapy also offers a free phone consultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to ask any questions and ensure ABA therapy is right for you and your family.

Autism Therapy in Montgomery County
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